Voodoo Love Potions , Have you ever looked at two people in love and wondered what they know which you don’t? Do you always seem to attract the people that bring only grief and heartache into your life? If you are looking for answers to all these questions, you will be glad to know that we have discovered them. The real answer lies in the voodoo love potion.

Voodoo Love Potions
Voodoo Love Potions

But what is a love portion, and what is the voodoo love potion cocktail? This is the question that I want to answer today. I am hoping that by the time you finish reading this article, you will know the power of love.
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However, I would like to warn you right from the beginning; if you abuse love portions, there are consequences. If you do not mix the voodoo love potion ingredients as you are instructed, there is a possibility that someone may lose their life.

What is a love potion?

To understand what a voodoo love portion is, you are going to have to start by understanding what a love portion is. The website that provides definitions of concepts, Vocabulary.com, defines the term in mythological terms. It says: “In mythology, a love-potion is a magical drink that makes the person who sips it fall in love.”

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The same dictionary adds “If you’ve got a crush on a classmate who doesn’t know you’re alive, you might be tempted to mix up a love-potion.” I am sure that the dictionary has done an excellent job explaining what a love portion is.

If we now know what a love portion is, we can now go ahead and look at what a voodoo love potion is. It follows then that a voodoo love portion is a portion that is made according to the voodoo traditions. A voodoo spell caster administers it. Examples include voodoo love potion drinks and voodoo portion candy.

The history of love portions

Today, we know that concepts like voodoo love potion perfume are helping many people find the love they know they deserve, but what is their history?

The history of love portions differs depending on the part of the world where you find yourself. However, if you read any history, you will find that things like voodoo love potion recipes are as old as humanity.

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If you straightforwardly look at love portions, you will realize that simple household stuff can make love portions. Examples include the likes of honey, onions, oysters, and even the uncooked testicles of bulls that have been used as portions.

The ancient Egyptians saw seafood as having erotic properties. This is the reason why they used to ban them from the diets of priests who lived a life of celibacy. In Rome, it was known that a brew of aromatic orchid leaves had romantic properties. Among the Orientals, voodoo love potion drink spells would come with garlic.

Are voodoo love potions real?

Now, let me deal with one of the questions that continue to come up: Are love potions real? If you look at all the efforts made by people in history to influence love using potions, you will see that voodoo love spells indeed work.

Look at any voodoo love potion bottle, and you will see that everyday plants such as the anise, fennel, and chrysanthemums are used. If the portions did not work, do you think so many people would still swear by them? I don’t think so. People are much smarter than that.

Making a simple voodoo love potion

Do you want to make a simple voodoo love spell portion today? Remember that if you’re going to make a portion the voodoo way, you will need to follow the directions of the voodoo traditions. Voodoo Love Potions,  I have lots of other articles on this website that give you the basics of the voodoo religion.

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Even though it is advisable to use a voodoo love potion artifact when you are doing your portion, you will realize that religions have a lot in common.

You need to follow all the rituals when you create a voodoo potion. Some of the instructions I give you may seem silly, but the reality is that they save a purpose.

Ingredients for portions

There are no specific ingredients for all potions. What is more important is to choose the herbs you want. It is also essential to be clear about the things you will say when you cast the spells that go with those portions.

I think the most essential ingredient when making these portions is to be clear of your goal. Keep this in mind because you are also going to have to pour it into your potion. Voodoo Love Potions,  You pour it by speaking about the things that you want to happen when the portion works.

If you don’t know some common intentions, we have a few. Think about bringing love freely. Other goals could include making the love you already have stronger. If you are single, you may want to focus on attracting the love of a specific person.

Things to remember  

I see a voodoo love potion advertisement here and there promising that they will make a man or woman fall in love with you against their will. I don’t think this is right. I do not support it. It is my view that no human being should be made to do something they don’t want to do.

The real objective of voodoo love spells is to boost your energy. This is the energy you need to attract the attention of the person of your dreams.

Make your portion today

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