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Turquoise Healing Protection, is famous for its beautiful bright color. It usually comes in shades of robin’s egg blue, blue-green, or even close to olive green. While it is not clear and sparkly like most crystals, it is nonetheless one of the most famous gemstones in the world. Beyond its beautiful exterior, it also holds tons of spiritual and magical properties.

If you are one of the people lucky enough to own a genuine turquoise, or just admire these lovely stones, Turquoise healing protection, here are some simple spells you can do to tap into its healing and protective powers:

A Turquoise Protection Charm

For best results, perform this spell while the moon is waxing. A waxing moon brings an increase, and so its energy will help increase the protection around you.

Take a piece of turquoise jewelry, Turquoise healing protection, like a bracelet or pendant. Hold it in your dominant hand.

Close your eyes, Turquoise healing protection, and visualize energy coming up from the Earth and into your body. Then, picture energy coming down from the universe, and into your body to mix with the Earth’s energy. Imagine this energy flowing down your arm, into the turquoise jewelry. When you feel that the jewelry has absorbed all of the energy it can, hold it over your heart. Imagine your aura glowing with a vibrant blue light. This light wards off negative energy, protecting you.

Anoint the jewelry with a drop of Protection oil (be careful, as some stones are porous and can be stained). Wear it every day, or whenever you feel you need some extra protection.

Turquoise healing protection

Turquoise for Healing
In addition to protection, turquoise stones are also used in healing spells. As a blue stone, it is associated with the throat chakra. Turquoise healing protection, One of the ways to open, balance, and correct physical or emotional problems stemming from this chakra is to wear turquoise near the throat area.

You can also meditate with it held over your throat. Picture your throat chakra as a spinning blue wheel of energy. If it is blocked or unbalanced, the color, speed, or direction of its spin may be off. Imagine blue energy passing from the turquoise stone to this energetic gateway.

In the past, turquoise was also seen as a warning of impending illness. If the color changed, it meant that the wearer was ill.

3. A Simple Home Protection Spell

Turquoise is also good for protecting your home from evil. Start by cleansing it thoroughly. If you like, you can burn Protection incense in each room, Turquoise healing protection, mop your hard floors with a protective wash, and even light a Protection candle in the heart of your home. If you have any favorite protective herbs, or like using witches’ black salt, feel free to sprinkle those in the corner of each room or around the boundary of your home.

Next, you can secretly place turquoise stones in each corner of your home, or even in each room. Try to tuck them where they will not be disturbed.

With the stones in place, picture lines of blue light connecting each one. These rise to form a powerful grid over your entire home. Turquoise healing protection, This energy protects your surroundings, while bringing in a peaceful, calming energy.

Turquoise healing protection

Periodically, gather these stones up and cleanse them. You can do this by holding them in running water, the smoke of incense, resins, or herbs, or using bells or singing bowls.

4. A Very Quick and Easy Healing Spell

For this, all you need is a glass of fresh water, Turquoise healing protection, and a few pieces of turquoise. Hold the glass of water in both of your hands, and say,

“This water washes away my [problem], and restores me to health.”

Place the pieces of turquoise around the base of the glass. Place it under sunlight or moonlight, but be careful — leave them under bright light for too long, and the colors of your stones may begin to fade. A few minutes will do.

At this point, the water is ready. Turquoise healing protection, Drink it or add it to a healing bath, and visualize yourself returning to perfect health.

No spell is a substitute for medical help. If you are having a health emergency, or a long-term problem that never seems to go away, please talk to a doctor before attempting a magical healing.

Turquoise is valued for more than just its outer beauty. Turquoise healing protection, It has a very peaceful, healing, gently protective energy, which you can use to help yourself and those around you.
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 Turquoise Healing Protection
Turquoise healing protection

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