Menstrual Blood Love Spell, Effective blood magic menstruation love spells to make your man love you.

Every woman is endowed with an innate magical ability to perform love spells.

One of the ingredients that a woman can use to attract the love of a man is menstrual blood,

a rich discharge that flows from the uterus through the vagina.

The word “menstruation” is derived from the Latin word “mensis”

and the Greek word “μήνας”, which means “monthly”.

One of the most interesting things about menstruation is that the length of its cycle is similar to that of the moon.

It is for this reason that women and the goddesses have been associated with the magical powers that emanate from the moon.

Effective blood magic menstruation love spells have been performed since the ancient days
In the olden days, when a girl menstruated for the first time,

it was a sign that she had aligned herself in tune with the Great Goddess.

In folk magic, menstrual blood is considered as a harbinger of blood belonging to the goddess of immortality.

Menstrual Blood Love Spell, This goddess is in charge of bearing life that flows directly from the throne of the Great Goddess.

Since it is a sign of fertility and creativity,

it has often been very instrumental in the performance of blood magic menstruation love spells.

Once a woman menstruates,

she can harness the power of this blood to draw powerful energies that are capable of altering feelings of a man.

Menstrual blood love spell

Here’s how traditional blood magic menstruation spells have often been performed
In ancient religion and magical practices, the power of menstrual blood was well known.

In Egypt, priests and priestesses could prepare a magic potion with menstrual blood to connect with female deities.

Menstrual Blood Love Spell, Practitioners of magic believe that menstrual blood is a source of eternity.

In the religion of the Norse, god Thor was able to achieve great power by having a bath in the river of menstrual blood.

This is what makes all practitioners of magic believe that blood magic menstruation spells can be a source of magic and divine power.

Do you want to make your man love you more?
You have the power in your menstrual blood, woman.

During your periods, just get a drop of your divine blood and add it into the tea or food that your man is meant to consume.

Ensure that no person, other than him, Menstrual Blood Love Spell,

consumes this concoction in order to avoid spell backfire.

You can also dry the blood as pellets so that you can continue administering it into the food your lover eats all the time.

Menstrual Blood Love Spell
Menstrual Blood Love Spell

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