Herbs For Removing Hexes & Curses, Have you ever been hexed or cursed?

You might have felt sad or anxious, plagued with nightmares,

or just seemed to experience a severe streak of bad luck.

It might have left you at the end of your rope,

willing to do almost anything to break the spell and lift the jinx placed on you.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses, Fortunately,

breaking a curse is fairly simple -all you need are the right tools and knowledge.

These herbs are powerful hex-breakers that can help cleanse

negative energy from you and get things back to normal:

Herbs For Removing Hexes &Amp; Curses
Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses


Angelica archangelical, or simply angelica, is known for its white flowers and fragrant roots.

The whole roots are wonderful protective charms,

but pieces are also useful for adding to baths, protective charm bags, or using in washes.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses

To remove a curse from your home, brew the angelica in some hot water.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses, Strain out the root, and add half of the liquid to a bucket of wash water.

Thoroughly mop your home from the back to the front, and dispose of the dirty water over your shoulder,

toward the rising sun. When your floor has dried,

sprinkle the rest of the angelica tea in the corners of each room.

You can also follow the instructions above, then add the liquid to a cleansing bath.

Angelica is a very powerful purifier and remover of hexes and curses.

Five Finger Grass

Five finger grass, or Potentially species, Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses,

is sometimes known as cinquefoil.

The leaves have five “fingers” each, and each one is said to represent health,

wealth, love, wisdom, and power.

It is often used as an herb for luck in money or love matters, as well as a protective talisman.

Drain an egg from its shell, then fill the shell with dried five finger grass and seal it with wax.

Any home that has this egg charm will be free of evil.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses

You can also use this herb to get rid of curses that seem to stick around.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses, To do this, brew the herb into a tea and strain out the leaves.

Add this to a cleansing bath, and fully immerse yourself. Repeat this for nine consecutive days.

For best results, start when the moon is waning — according to lunar magic,

the power of the curse will decrease as the moon does.


There are many species of nettles, but some of the best known are of the Urtica genus.

This includes Urtica dioica, the stinging nettle.

It is called this because the plants are covered in fine,

prickling hairs which are hollow, Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses, like needles,

and inject small amounts of irritants into the skin when touched. Other nettles,

like the bull nettle, are similar. When you look at it this way,

it makes sense to use this prickly plant to drive out negative energy and break curses!

To remove a malicious spell that has been placed on you,

mix dried nettle leaves with Jinx Removing powder.

(You can also dust yourself with the plain powder for protection from hexes.)

Take this mixture, and use it to draw an unbroken line across your doorway to keep hexes and curses away from you.

Nettle is also used as an ingredient in purifying baths.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses, Use it alone, or mix with other cleansing herbs (like rue or rosemary).

Brew it into a tea, strain out the leaves, and add the liquid to a tub of clean, warm water.

Soak your entire body to purify your energy and take off curses.


Wormwood is a name for several plants in the genus Artemisia, especially Artemisia absinthian.

It is called “wormwood” in part because it was used as a dewormed before safer

medications were developed — the intensely bitter herb would help drive parasites from the body.

Just like stinging nettle, it makes sense to use wormwood to get rid of curses.

It can drive them out of your life just like it drives out worms.

To use wormwood to break a hex, burn it over charcoal in a fireproof bowl.

Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses,

Fan the smoke over yourself and all of the corners of your home

(make sure it is well-ventilated, since it will produce a lot of smoke).

Curses are messy to live with, Herbs for Removing Hexes & Curses,

but they do not have to be messy to get rid of. With spiritual baths, smoke cleansing,

floor washes, and herbal charms, you can remove any malevolent spell anyone tries to place on you.

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